Website development

Got an idea? Get a website for it!

Why do you need a website?

In the 21st century it is very important that your present and future clients can find and get information online about your business! 

Your website is a part of your business which is often times the first thing a potential client sees. A good website can ensure that your business seems legitimate and trustworthy.

A weboldalad egy eszköz arra, hogy bemutasd vállalkozásod tapasztalatát, tudását és hírnevet építs. Egy jó oldal kiterjeszti a vállalkozásod lehetőségeit a fejlődés és növekedés irányába!

A website is like a digital CV, where you can also show off your skills in your craft with videos and other media!  

A standard CV is boring but a website can be fun, interactive tool with a lot of satisfied clients!

The complete control of our image is very important. Nowadays if we are trying to get clients, chances are they will Google us first.

Your website gives you the chance to introduce yourself in a clean and profiessional manner. It is nearly impossible to have this level of control without a website.

User friendly

The sites that we create are clean, modern so your visitors can navigate it easily.


It will look great even on smart devices! Your site will fit automatically to various device screen sizes.


Your site will be encrypted with an SSL certification. Your and your visitors data will be safe.

A free e-mail address

If you get your domain name via our services, you'll get a free 5GB e-mail account for free!

A free logo

If you don't have a logo, we'll make one that suits you and your business, for free!

SEO optimized

Your site will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO), so people can find you more easily!

Website development cycle


We will discuss your expectations regarding the website.
So we are clear about what structure and functions you want exactly.

Your quiestions will be answered and we can also help your out with advices and tips!


After reviewing your expectations you will get a quote from us, containing the price and estimated development time.

Hosting and Domain registration
Hosting and Domain registration

If you don't want to deal with getting a hosting service and domain address, we will take care of it for you!


A website needs hosting. We can provide that. You will get a recommended hosting plan according to your site.

We will also register your domain for you! (


If you already have hosting and domain name taken care of, we can work with that too! :)

Developing the website
Developing the website

The development begins.

Your site will be password protected in this stage, which we will provide to you.

This ensures that during development, you can check the on-going work and interject any suggestions or changes you may find necessary.


If you provide us your own images and content, then we will work with those. 

We can also use free "stock photos" and can also create content for your site!


When you are satisfied with the website and we all agree that it is ready, we will remove the password protection and make the site public!


If you have any requests or would like to expand your site in the future, we will be there for you! :)